Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Ways to Ensure Efficient and Economical Printing

The age of printing in offices took off seriously with the dot matrix printers. The initial market entrants were quite a few and there was hardly any competition, then came the age of jet printers. Life became a bit easier for the office staff. The arrival of laser printers made printing a pleasure. But, the competition increased and local refilling of toners became a menace. Lexmark Toner solves all the printing problems in terms of
·         Batch printing of text- the ink flows uniformly and continuously. You don’t have to keep cleaning the sprayer outlet every now and then 

  • In case of any complaints, the customer care takes immediate initiatives to get the problem rectified
  •  The ratio of toner malfunction is zero 
  •  The Lexmark Toner gives highest quality print and top class resolution.

  •  Ideal for

  •   Home printing –economy packs make printing cheap
  •   Printing of user manuals and product manuals on any type of sheet –normal, A4, glossy sheets etc
  •  Image resolution is high. Many of the machine manuals require to show the images of even the smallest screw clearly. This is made simple by the smooth flowing and uniformly spreading property of the Lexmark Toner
  •  Ideal for reverse printing, the flow gets perfectly controlled and the waiting time for the paper to get reversed does not result in any ink leakage
  •   All the toners are tested for quality, reliability and long lasting prints that don’t fade over a period of time

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